Welcome to the Lemon Tree Hotel!!

ようこそ!!Lemon tree hotelに!!
Welcome to the Lemon tree hotel!
Thank you for coming to Ogijima!
We are excited to see what excitement we can share with our guests today.
All of our guests who have come here are wonderful members of our community!
Please feel free to tell us anything you would like us to do to support you in making this your best island time.

Wi-Fi・・・Buffalo-A-AED0-WAP3 / Buffalo-G-AED0-WAP3
pass : nsak5xade3s43
象と太陽社 Lemon tree hotel · 〒760-0091 香川県高松市男木町1896‐1
★★★★★ · ホテル

Host family

憲太郎 / Kentaro
Japanese Kanji meaning of the name Kentaro is “man who serves as a role model,It’s a bit too formal a name, isn’t it? Occupation: Herbal hair colorist, Farmer, Cafe master, Ogijima lighthouse keeper, etc.
Hobby: Bonfire, sauna, and drinking
Recommend: the “Farmer’s Mojito” made with mint freshly picked in the field and our specialty craft beer.

山口久実 象と太陽社

久実 / Kumi
Name means “one who bears fruit for a long time.
Occupation: Hair cutter, farmer, cafe cook, etc.
Hobby : researching Asian food.
Her seasonal Asian food made with Ogijima herbs has been well received by many people.

陽太郎 / Yotaro & 月果 / Tsukika

Yotaro’s name means “Sun Boy!
Tsukika’s name means “fruit of the moon.
Brother and sister are the sun and the moon.

Chickens are indispensable to our cyclical lifestyle.
Not only do they lay eggs, but they also dispose of food scraps. They wake us up on time in the morning.

Check-in / Check-out

・Check-in time is after the arrival of the ferry from Takamatsu at 14:00.
・Luggage can be checked in before the check-in time.

◆Check-out time
・Check-out time is 11:00 a.m.
・Luggage can be kept after check-out.

お食事に関して / About meals

◆飲食店やスーパーマーケットについて / Restaurants and supermarkets
・There are no stores or convenience stores on the island where food can be purchased.
Please bring your own food from outside the island.
・There are no restaurants open at night.
Please check the opening days of each restaurant for lunch.

We can prepare meals and simple food items for you. Please inquire in advance.

If you wish to self-cook, please use the kitchen.
Please take care to separate garbage and take plastic waste home with you.

●食事をご注文のお客様 / Customers ordering meals
The meals are mainly made with fish caught on the island and herbs grown on the island.
Dinner is either a seasonal menu or BBQ set.
Breakfast is a hot sandwich made with eggs from the chickens, salad, and drink.

滞在中の注意事項 / Notes on your stay

◆アメニティーなどについて / Amenities, etc.
・No indoor clothes are provided. Please bring your own.
・Towels for use in the showers and sauna are available.
・Please bring your toothbrush. (Toothpaste is available.)
・We have prepared shorts and T-shirts for sauna wear, but you may use your own clothes.
・Hair dryer is available in room.

◆多くの虫や動物たちも暮らしています。/ Many bugs and animals also live on the island.
There is a lot of nature on Ogijima. Various bugs and animals appear depending on the season. In order not to damage biodiversity, we do not use insecticides when it is not dangerous (Mosquito nets are provided indoors.) Please cooperate.

◆夜間の移動について / About traveling at night
It will be dark in the facility and on the island. Solar lanterns are available for your use.
Please be careful when moving around the Lemon Tree Hotel, especially at night, in the rain, and early in the morning, as there are many steps to climb.

◆ゴミについて / About garbage
There are no garbage cans on the island.
Food scraps from the facility will be used for worm composting and chicken feed.
Burnable garbage will be burned on a bonfire.
We are sorry, but please take your cans, bottles, and plastic waste home with you.

◆洗剤や石鹸について / Concerning detergent and soap
There is no sewage system on Ogijima.
Septic tanks are installed in the toilets and kitchen. Waste water from the shower rooms flows directly into the ocean. We use biodegradable detergents and other cleaners in everything we do.
We provide toothpaste in separate quantities for each guest.

◆寝室における香水などの使用について / Use of perfume in the bedroom
We ask our guests to refrain from using perfume in their bedrooms, as there are many people who are sensitive to fragrances.

◆洗濯について / About laundry
We can accept a small amount of laundry for washing.

Facilities Guide

Lemon Tree Hotel is an unfinished hotel designed by architect Ryo Abe with the theme of "The Luxury of Mending" and built by everyone. All of the facilities are handmade. There are many parts of the hotel that are still incomplete, so please enjoy the "unfinished hotel" that will change its shape over time.

Hair salon:Please note that the hair salon is closed during your stay.

Entrance deck – The lowest deck space. The sunset can be seen very beautifully.

Lemon Tree Deck: A deck with a symbolic tree. You can enjoy glamping, sauna, BBQ and bonfire.

Shower room・・・Hot water is heated in a tank late at night. Please be careful not to use too much. We use environmentally friendly products such as shampoo bars that can be used for the whole body. 

Kitchen・・・You are free to use the kitchen.
Herbal tea, coffee, and herbal water are free.
Please choose from the menu for paid drinks such as craft beer. Pay-pay, cash-on in Japanese yen, or pay at check-out. Credit cards are also accepted.
Please leave the cans or bottles you have finished drinking until the time of checkout.

Washroom – Please use the sink at the kitchen in the old private house building.

Bonfire – Please let us know if you would like to use the

Sauna – A separate fee will be charged to guests who are not staying for the sauna experience included in the room rate.

●Wi-Fi・・・Buffalo-A-AED0-WAP3 / Buffalo-G-AED0-WAP3
pass : nsak5xade3s43

Island map

Recommended spots and viewpoints are listed.

Ogijima Map - Google マイマップ
象と太陽社の男木島おすすめスポット Ogijima Recommendations by Elephant and Sun Co.

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